Falling for someone else right after the breakup? Is it called cheating?

Is it fine to fall in love when you have taken a break in between your relationship, you guys are not talking to each other, and then suddenly another person digs in. Does it like cheating on your partner?
What are the cause that we allow that other person to enter, whether you guys have taken breaks in the relationship.

The cause of the break?

There might be the various causes that caught your good going relationship into the break-mode zone. The reasons might be:

  • If you guys are facing difficulty in understanding each other.
  • If you guys are loyal still one of you is feeling detached feeling.
  • If one of you having a trust issue, and isn’t resolved even if discussed.
  • When one of you is feeling lacking in attention from other the side even if asked.

And what if you admit the cheat?

Besides emphasizing on knowing the reason, one might focus more blame game. One who have cheated whether he/she not actually cheated because both were separated when the third person came in, but somewhere in his/her subconscious mind, cheating took place. Cheat in feeling for someone else, which was supposed to come from the one we’re in love, but instead one is feeling for someone else.

More than 5% of the people act maturely on the scenario and work together on the relationship or situation, and the rest entertains the blame game than resolving the issue.
And this is how life happens to us, and we fail mostly!

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