Ever Think Of Sexual Assault’s Victim Can Be A Man Too?

What is sexual assault?

Another term of this can be rape, sexual harassment, sexual violence, or non-consensual forcement of one to another, and are considered as a serious crime solely as served with various judicial charges. From a recent annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 33,356 rape cases are reported across India, about 92 a day. Out of these, 31,320 were committed by someone known to the victim (93.9% of the cases). India has been designated as one having the highest rape rate percentage from any other.

Are the women only victims of it?

The answer is truly a big NO. As per the recent percentage of the reported cases, crime against the men( or boys) is having a higher rate than women(or girls). Many NGOs people visit colleges, schools, institutions, or committees of urban and rural areas both to teach students and people about the difference between Good touch and Bad touch. They more focus on girls only, but being mentor they should let the people understand in the majority that the wrong can happen with any of them, but then they have to recognize the touch and if you find any kind of abuse or bad touch, then should directly tell to their teacher or parents or can share to who they trust to find the solution and take the serious action against the accused.

In the maximum cases, men and boys are the victims are scared of the accuser or if not then think that they might not be trusted by anyone because they are male, and the male is supposed to be strong, and things like bad touch can never happen to them. But it’s the harsh reality today that men get abused and they find it hard to get out of their condition in which they presently are. 

It has been seen that the perpetrators choose the victim’s weaknesses as to maintain the secrecy of the assault or by making them believe that they will not be believed and might get judged or may become subject of laughter. But then you need to stand out loud to prove that accuser wrong and let that person be punished for his crime.

Support the Survivors

If something like this happened to you, then you should know that you are not alone, but your people and the law got your back. The 1in6 helpline is available if any men in your known are seeking immediate help against the assault, NGOs like Action Aid India, the Majlis, and the Azad foundation are always available to listen and help you up. 

Always remember remaining silent is like watering the plant of crime against you.

To bear a crime is a crime itself.

Being sexually assaulted has nothing to do with your current or future sexual orientation. Your sexuality has no more to do with being raped than being robbed. There’s no means of being quiet but to fight back to attain your freedom and self-confidence. Think and shout!