Struggling with your own fluctuating emotions? How I’m dealing with mine right now? Is it that easy?……….

These baffled emotions are very common and often to people when they step into mid of their teens or 20’s. We mostly endure being confused about whether this confusion is about love, friendship, college, business, etc. almost about everything. I’m one of them, I won’t say like I’m an always happy-go kinda person. But like most of us, I too got failed in finding my “The only one”, Sounds silly? Yeah of course it does, duhhh… !!

But Honestly not regretting it :)…

Ya, I admit that become sad while scrolling on over one of the social media handle’s feed, when I see couples wandering the world while wrapping hands to one another, Haha….. I know it’s foolish, and also whatever we’re seeing online is not actually real, but it’s all my mood swings, what I thought in just a second after. Hehe…. I have always been a puffed child since my childhood, I called it “my family’s love is shown by my body”, I love food, I really do, But while growing up, seeing, yes looks really do matter, and how much I’m trying hard to lose fat but my obsession for trying new food, is just not letting me go, was the time I felt its the time to get back on track now. Being always dumped by foolish reasons for not loving back was certainly uncountable.

Is this Post for seeking any sympathy?? It’s a BIG NO NO….

I love myself, and also understand the concept of mindful eating, loving weight lifting now, started jogging everyday, feeling fitter and motivated than ever before…

Not only by friends and outsiders, but even my own family members also used to make me remember almost all the time, like how fat I’m, Uhh, the struggle is really very real “Because kehte hain na, patli ho jaao nahi toh shaadi nahi hogi, ya acha pati nhi milega!!

Like each and every phrase, the phase of a woman’s life has been started from finding a decent and ideal husband. Why a woman can’t think of settling on her feet without thinking of getting married and having her own separate family? Why is a woman not considered as part of her own family anymore where she born, when her 20’s begins? I completely understand the need of having a partner at a certain age when you can grow together, and starts a new life? But what If one fails in finding one, whether it’s any of the reason, their pattern of thinking and understanding, one’s outer looks, one’s religion or caste differences, one’s, etc. Isn’t a woman alone capable of taking her career to heights?

I’m really not able to get fit into this society where “Log kya sochenge” is still matters! Lol…
I think sometimes whether people are so idle to talk shit about others without thinking about their own? Ya, I too judge people sometimes, but also besides knowing that it’s not my business to do anything with!!

How I’m keeping myself motivated to move on and focus?

I usually do nothing but keeping myself busy, whether with work or thinking about my blogging skills to improve in more and also with household stuff sometimes. Times come in between while jogging or my walks, where my thinking starts. I’m a really very big fan of Mr. Neelesh Mishra, a fan of his writings actually, I used to listen to them almost on daily basis. They are very soothing and takes you into your own imaginary world, where sometimes you will learn to deal with emotions or sometimes understand the phases life shows us.

Things I’ve learned so far is, Everyone has their own sets of problems, No one can compare their lives to other, everyone has their own shit to deal with, and living in their own visionary world. Sharing my thoughts with you has no intention behind but to tell to y’all that it’s all indoors us, the complications and perplexes running within, are all common. Share them to only those whom you think they’re only trustworthy, or better to not share instead of becoming a subject of anyone’s laughter. 

The tide will always be waving within till you know how to deal with! Don’t let the tide be the tornado! Take Care!