What’s running inside…..

Did you ever feel any attraction towards your relative who’s not actually your relative, but your parent made them to you? Funny right? I believe wherever we travel, whomever we meet could be a reason behind it, or a story it’s going to be starting with them. No matter what the current status of the relative then, if that person is married, engaged, single, rich, poor, etc. Not only the relative, but could be another one too. You guys might judge me on my first sentence, but the truth is you can’t resist our attraction towards the person who seems nice to you. And then that attraction could be of different types, totally depends on you like how you want it to proceed with. Some take limitations, same goes with a close both, the attraction could be of type like good friends after, could be a close bond between you two, or just a casual attraction like eye-warmer, LOL!!

Being single and young, our types of interest are kept on changing, like mood swings. We aren’t capable of figuring out this mixed feeling, and simply one started talking to us, we gave it a name of love to this attraction phase, might result in hurting others later.

I’ll suggest you test your bond or piece of bond you are sharing if you’re in a relationship or about to be in a relationship before making it a commitment. Oh… I was talking about attraction towards your relative, who seems actually not your relative but your parent made them to you, right? In that case, I prefer you to leave the thought if you’re planning something and to are from the Hindu community. If you don’t want to get indulge in “ Log kya kahenge”, just simply leave it. 

There are billions of thoughts running in my head right now, like why don’t we’re able to choose our partner besides all the bars, Bars?? Like caste, religion, color, age, financial status, body type, etc. in Hindu society, why we always have to satisfy our elder’s ego and expectation before taking any step in choosing our partner? Why don’t we’re permitted to choose the life of how we want to spend, especially the girls?  Why boys are always advised to choose a secure and handsome packaged job or business as they have to support their family in the future? Why women are still thought of as non-living decoration material, they’re not allowed to express what they don’t like and keep on treated as a toy? ( these are still the thinking of some communities in India). Why men are stuffed with the burden of thoughts they’re going to take further in the future since childhood that they had to leave their dream of what they want to be. Why men have to be more financially strong than his wife or girlfriend if they’re looking for their future together, why can’t they grow together?

You all me in the comments please, what you all think? Towards anything, whether it’s love, attraction, caste, religion, our own decisions….