Must-haves breakfast items for working adults

Despite every individual’s saying, having breakfast depends on the individual’s perception. Some do not find time to have breakfast, some prefer their breakfast as heavy as possible, some prefer moderated meals throughout the day. According to science, our bodies get activated with the sunrise and have a higher intensity to digest the food independently. But with the sunrise, anything our body consumes, only it’s our task to digest the food before going to bed. As we studied further, one should consume only healthy food empty stomach.

So, we have prepared a list of breakfast items that working adults should store in their pantry.


If you’re in a rush, just break two eggs in the pan, sprinkle a pinch of salt, and Tadda, your omelette breakfast is ready to nourish your tummy. Besides, it’s packed with lean protein, so can be a good breakfast option you should always have.

Peanut or Almond Butter

Nut butters are rich in good fats and other nutrients that proved important for your body. If you’re having an occupied life, just toast 2 slices of brown bread, spread the almond butter or peanut butter on one side, and spread honey on another. And your healthy breakfast is ready with fiber, healthy fats, and protein, as also comforting.


Overnight oats can be proven as your time and taste savior. Simply, soak half a cup of oats with a one-fourth cup of milk, added with some dried nuts, peanut butter, and one tablespoon of honey. Put the bowl into the refrigerator, and your sweet, delicious oatmeal is ready to serve with zero effort in the morning. Just grab it, have it and rock your morning.

Muesli, Granola, or some other breakfast flakes

You can follow the same process with granola or muesli. And if somehow you forget to do it, just put the half cup of this cereal into the bowl with a one-fourth cup of milk. There’s no need to add honey, but one can add a little according to the taste. And your breakfast is ready within a couple of seconds.


It’s packed with important nutrients like calcium, B vitamins, potassium, and vitamin D, plus an excellent source of protein. If you’re running out of time, just have a glass of milk. One glass of cow milk is adequately equal to one wholesome meal.


People are adopting a vegan or Ayurvedic lifestyle more these days as per the Indian Ayurvedic directions. A bowl full of seasonal fruits with coconut water and some Chia seeds sprinkled on it can be your all-natural cereal gifted by mother nature.

Dried Nuts

A handful of soaked dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, cashew, raisins, dates, peanuts, etc., contains every nutrient which is required for a person and in his meal. You can also pair them with roasted sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Why is a woman dating a younger man called a smart choice?

Being a woman carries the biggest task, and one should know that you have very much to do with your feminine energy and excellent gift that a younger man can bring you to rev up your attractiveness.

Reasons why should you date a younger man or get entertained with a younger guy?

You might haven’t noticed, many younger guys who occasionally blow up on your online dating app or message you, or try to flirt with you. You get confused why these younger men keep on sending or blowing up now?

You might be single, divorced, or chosen separated and of above 30 or 40, and why this is now? It is an interesting phenomenon called ‘Mrs. Robinson Syndrome’.

We’re going to demonstrate the fact, how this would work and help in the long run to date men who’re younger than you.

Why do men want to date women older than them?

There are a lot of men out there who are aware of what they want in their life, the connections they want to have with a person, what that will look and feel like, instead of being younger is better.

They are more interested in the type of maturity one woman can have or quality, and even they have preferred how old a woman looks rather than a little go pretty girl like features and many more like:


The older you’ll grow, the more comfortable you’ll get with your body and rather when you’re in your 20’s. The more you’ll be comfortable with your body, the more you’ll be comfortable with your partner. You’ll be able to cherish others and give them the chances to explore the more passionate side of having a relationship.

A woman always tries to make her man feel good when he’s with her. So, he’ll be able to explore more that he has never experienced before. The first thing a woman should do is find a man who just wants to make love to every part so that she finds it acceptable or desirable. And feeling good is a point where your feminine energy radiates and becomes powerful when you’re out of the dump.

Fun Factor

As young guys are more updated with the latest tech and gadgets more broadly, and also more active in other activities, it is assumed that they’re more fit to have fun with.

They can make you feel younger, invincible, and powerful than you ever felt before. They can make you try new outfits, visit new places, make you laugh, feel lovable, and many more.

Really into you

Have you ever asked a man you are dating, why they’re into you or older women? Men like dating older women than them because the sexual interaction they feel with you will be more exotic and appealing than they have ever felt before. Moreover, Like women, they know how to take their shit together, and to handle things more maturely and smartly. Also with a woman’s strong personality, men get attracted to them already that they cannot resist, Voila!!

You can be yourself with them

You know at a certain age, you accept yourself for who you’re and do not care what others think of you. So when you come into contact or date any young man, you may get careful of your looks or how to present your beauty to them, but you will be yourself with them and need not pretend to be someone else. Because you know somewhere they’re attracted towards who you are, how strong personality you’re carrying and not how you look.

So, My dear ladies, there’s no shame in dating men, especially if they’re younger than you, because you know who you’re and your accomplishments. Besides, This will help you to identify your feminine energy that will ignite your personality, making you embrace this. Younger men are less baggage and less intimidating than older guys. If you think dating a younger man will undervalue women in society, this is the time to think again if society repays you or not!

Body belts and harnesses: 3 things to know before buying them

Belts are the most important, trendy, and fashionable accessories of today’s fashion trends. But the body belts are taking it to another level, they can make any attire the most sensual and trendy that one could ever get. Fashion can never get outdated when it comes to trying new things, so adding a body belt to the collection can be proven a great investment.

Adding the body belts, also called body harness to your closet can not only shift it into another level but can also make you confident about yourself because confidence comes within ourselves, the more you’ll look best, the best will your confidence. 

Body belts and harnesses are not only for women, clothes should always be away from any discrimination. This is the best part about the body belts, anyone can wear them and see the magic within themselves. 

Waist Belts

Waist belts are common nowadays, but ways are getting trendier with different styles of wearing them and designs of them. Waist belts are now not just to tuck your trousers up but now also using with others set to other dimensions.

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Coresets are the form of belts used in the early ’80s & ’90s by French & British women. And now again they have come up into the trend, believing they maintain the waist into the shape and helps in making it thinner. 

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Body Belts & Body Harnesses

Body belts and harnesses are new to the trend, believing them sensual or sexy, wearing them naked or with clothes. Sexy things ever made by a human, away from any discrimination, body harness can be wearable by all womenmen or anyone wishes to wear them. Many styles and various designs are available, one can wear them depends on their attire or mood, or occasion. Buying or adding a body belt or harness to your closet will be a great decision whenever comes it to fashion.

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Falling for someone else right after the breakup? Is it called cheating?

Is it fine to fall in love when you have taken a break in between your relationship, you guys are not talking to each other, and then suddenly another person digs in. Does it like cheating on your partner?
What are the cause that we allow that other person to enter, whether you guys have taken breaks in the relationship.

The cause of the break?

There might be the various causes that caught your good going relationship into the break-mode zone. The reasons might be:

  • If you guys are facing difficulty in understanding each other.
  • If you guys are loyal still one of you is feeling detached feeling.
  • If one of you having a trust issue, and isn’t resolved even if discussed.
  • When one of you is feeling lacking in attention from other the side even if asked.

And what if you admit the cheat?

Besides emphasizing on knowing the reason, one might focus more blame game. One who have cheated whether he/she not actually cheated because both were separated when the third person came in, but somewhere in his/her subconscious mind, cheating took place. Cheat in feeling for someone else, which was supposed to come from the one we’re in love, but instead one is feeling for someone else.

More than 5% of the people act maturely on the scenario and work together on the relationship or situation, and the rest entertains the blame game than resolving the issue.
And this is how life happens to us, and we fail mostly!

My Eyes Are Tired Now….

My eyes are tired now,
Tired of searching,
Searching the love, I heard God made one for me,
Me? Oh was an illusion darling, I hold on it this far,
We have grown up hearing that God has made love for everyone in the world for the one he made,
But now I think, he forgot to make one for me,

My eyes are tired now,
Tired of seeking happiness,
Happiness is one we create for others,
I heard and thought, but this tilted stage gave me nothing but parents, now I only believe and see…

My eyes are tired now,
Tired of my tears,
Tears? Whether its pleasure or sorrow, bliss or hollow, bloom blossom or temper,
They didn’t shy before to fall out, fell out so often,
That my eyes are not allowing them to come out now,
Even if something breaking inside.
My eyes are tired now!!
My eyes are tired now!!