How to make your mind minding your business?

We’re so fucked up with ours lives these days that we don’t want to hold any crap from the next person. And by instance, if any even tiny and small dispute or issue occurs, then our overthinking overpowers the stress level at a higher stage. We’ll be smiling by responding to them, but then thinking of the worse scenarios on the other sides. Instead of talking straight to them, we start taking shitty advice from others, with whom has nothing to do with, but just the tip of gossip.

And the spark ignites by social media platform and the memes and quotes on “minding your own business and maintaining the distances from others as well”. 

Tips on minding your own business

Things I’ve learned so far are:

  • Do not share the things or the matter with others who do not have to do with the same.
  • If you do, they might share a few of their suggestions to resolve things out, but then the issue will be the new gossip factor to others and nothing else.
  • And also there might be the possibilities that to the person you’re sharing the things might organize their new mindset of the person you’re having the issues with, It’s in the positive or negative matter, depends on the seriousness and the context of the matter.
  • There may also have the probabilities that if you share the things, then they may create dispute with the more masala magic of their own the same person you have shared the words, if they hold any further grudges against you.

In the last, I’ll advise you to share your words wisely with whosoever sharing the same.

The Unsatisfactory facet Of Life

Everyone has their own unresolved and incomplete aspects of life which they prefer to keep unopened. So do I have, not related to me but surely linked to one known to me, I would like to keep their identities hidden.

There’s one guy, around 36, married late to a woman during the pandemic. He still didn’t want to get married, but he had to because his parents were forcing him to do so. After marriage, he experienced new things, got to know the female love as a lover, and comes out as totally changed and a new person. 

The woman was average with her looks, but for him, she was everything, he fell in love with her by the time. He accepted her in every way, but she felt the complex every time because she was not so beautiful as everyone out there.

She started working at a very young age, so had very hard hands with kitchen stuff, don’t know how to cook, even hustling with the basic household after. But her mother in law was very supportive and allow her to learn with time.

But then something drastic happened that nobody could thought it off, everyone came to know that she cannot be get pregnant ever in her life, though everyone was aware of this there in her maternal home before she got married, still, they hide the truth from him. When the reports came, he asked her the reason in a very loving manner, she knew the reason was related to her ex-boyfriend, but she still hasn’t uttered any word, they sent her to her parents home. The situation came up to the divorce now, according to his family, she did fraud to him. His parents are not satisfied now he got thought that he got cheated with a woman, nor were satisfied when he chooses to be single.

According to me, she might be wrong where she preferred to keep the things hidden, but there might be a thought somewhere in her sub-conscious mind to get settled, having a husband, family, and she can adopt a child later, as every girl dreamt of someday this to have happened.
What’s your thought on this??You can mail me directly in my inbox your opinions on this?

Social Covers: We All Have One In Our Trues

Happy New Year to my Chip Chop Family! I really wish the best for all of us towards 2021.
What I’m observing is, the world(including myself) is running, running into the crowd of getting better and earning more from one another, the more we’ve started holding on to the masks called “Social Covers”. Pardon please, I’m no one to make any statement on this, the world has already been through a lot in 2020, that we became more conscious of our health, both physical and mental, especially in lockdown, where human contact stated prohibited. This taught us to be independent and to enjoy our own company because we cannot rely even upon the ones who’d somewhere promised to be with us no matter what, and when this came to practice, some of them lose, some prove it to be in a better way, especially who never promised such thing.
Which comes up the solution is, promises and expectations sucks, even though if we think like if we love someone, those things generate automatically, but not in every scenario. Although I’m sharing my own experience of 2020, I accept, It was not up with the mark, but I learned a lot.
The First covering of this ‘Social Cover’ named was, Men are not supposed to get hurt and feel weak or cry even if something dishonest or miserable happens, and if he does so, he’ll be taken too weak to be sweet for society or the outer world that he should keep in perseverance.

The second was, how independent could women can get, but she should not be supposed to have a partner before marriage, she should not step out alone after 9, No matter how good she is in her office or business work or how much she is earning, but she needs to be brilliant in households,
If she lacks somewhere, there will be questions on her upbringing then.

So many questions, so many experiences, so much to learn more, but still a dilemma will continue…

The Unfolded Secret: Not The Revealing Session Though!!

Each of us has that on an unfolded secret, we wish and desire but can’t utter, though, not even to our close ones though, because of its intimidating tendency. It’s so intense that sometimes terrifies us, terrified of being judged if shared with anyone. Even some of us wouldn’t know if they’ve any but still finds something is lacking in their life and path of pleasure and peace even if they have/ had everything.

I hope you guys got what I want you to get, See you soon!!

I’ll not exaggerate the term “Secrets and Desires” because everyone has their own different perspective fluctuating. Specifically, in India, Even if you take the thought of sharing the thing with your trusting one, but still your mind might have to stop you once, why? Just for the sake of not becoming a subject of laughter to that one. I’m not sure, maybe everyone is not like I’m describing, but still, it’s just the fear.

If you feel like sharing this thing with the person you think will lead to the pathway to wanted, just dash off a shot, because we never know what we’re going to be missing!!

I hope you guys got what I want you to get, See you around!!