LGBT v’s Society: Are the differences still going in between these two?

One question you should ask from yourself first, are you open to take the acceptance to the LGBT community without any discrimination? Well, the answer might be easy, but harder in implementing that. Yes, we’re still not that much more open to ourselves or ready to make changes around us when is question adding something new to it. In a literal, there’s nothing new in that, but the people are now strong enough to identify and to take steps forward to this.

What do LGBTQ stands for?
L= Lesbian
G= Gay
B= Bisexual
T= Transgender
Q= Queer

And many more terms are now in the slangs and titles like pansexual, pangender, homo, ally, asexual, etc. Even after the Section 377, people are still suffering from negation and discrimination, and by mistake, if someone what’s to share with their family the changes that they are feeling in their body, they are advised to stay shut, because if they do so, then ” what society will say? What people will say?” strikes directly. It takes huge guts to accept the fact and get supported by their families to their truth. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Same-sex marriages

From the article on Brut India, The couple came up in front and shared their story of what they had to face to come across here, while both were adults and wanted to stay together but same-sex love is illegal here.
Same-sex marriages are still not legally recognized in India and are entertained with very limited rights as a domestic partnership. Not only in India but there are still the countries that do not entertain the same-sex or LGBT community partnership as in law. Everyone has an independent right to choose their partner but marriage is legislated at the federal level.

Fight for the Rights of Transgender community

We all have believed that getting blessings from Hijras(Eunuch) on every auspicious occasion is like a boon, but there are also us who treat them like they from another planet. Yes, hard to accept but still true, by giving them name as third-gender, we even started treating them like one. They are human like us, their blood and skin have the same color as us. But one stage of showing humanity, they have proved that they have more sentiments and intelligence than us. If a child shares the changes felt in his body then either they’ll be advised to keep shut or will be thrown out from the house. But this is not only the scenario, but there are also the people who support their child and educate them. There are many transgender who’ve adopted the orphans and provided them education, but then the other troubled waited for their child to face, insulting them as a child of transgender and boycotting them from every gathering.

There’s a lot more to write, the only question arises that if we’re educating our children and teaching them how to behave with others, whether it’s an animal, human, or anything will make a difference within the world? As I said, changes come within ourselves, we should have a write to do anything if it is correct and not hurting others sensibilities, we should have a right to choose our partner or right to equalities. No one should be treated as if their lives do not breathe!