When you see your ex with someone else, how does it feels?

How long has it ever been since you remembered your ex? Especially when you have moved on with other new relationships with new experiences, more love, better understandings, and a better trust foundation. But how does it feel when looking back to the time you spent with your ex who has or you promised the world?

And So does these Social media platforms do their part in it with all of their love stuff and quotes, Hahaha..!!! Half of the work is done by those who follow their exes on social media to keep posted on their activities. Although one part of you would have moved on, another part of you may be clinging to the past.

You might have even begun dating someone who is a better match for you. Who has done everything you wished for when you chose to be apart. You might have felt that you have conquered your fear of hurting, thinking that person is impossible to continue with. With whom I’m right now is the one. But, why then do you feel heartbroken yet again when you see your ex with someone else?

Because they’re your first love?

Even if your first love isn’t the love of your life, it’s difficult to forget what you shared with them. Because you have shared every aspect of your life, and the thought has its own space in your mind that “No one can handle you better than them, no matter what!”. They may have promised you everything, made you feel safe and special. But, they’re not with you and doing good in their life, no time demands from you.

Does Your Ego hurt?

Seeing your ex with someone else, might only be the reason that you feel hurt? The reason can also be your lingered ego that they have found someone better than you. Ego hurting plays an immense role in hatred generated after the duration of separation.

Accept it or not, it gives you comfort when you hear that they cannot find better than you. But, what if they do? Being human, it’s in our nature to get interrogated by our questionnaire comparing with the new. That can sometimes lead to self-doubt, but the thing you need to understand is it’s not you, it’s just a matter of time before and situation bursts.

You compare your current relationship

When the above situation strikes, there are more possible chances that you’re going to stamp your old bruises somewhere in your current relationship. And then, you may make things worst even if you don’t want this to happen.

Why does one want a relationship? To be happy, loved, trusted, to rely on, to throw tantrums, to fight, to find support, to call someone yours, to share everything. Then why do we allow the past to affect the present, it’s only we who grant the situation with the allowance token, whether we want the past to affect our present or not.

Realization of a Failure

When you devote time and energy to trying to make a relationship work, it can make you come across as a complete failure when it doesn’t. Seeing your ex with someone makes you feel usual and easy to forget why you guys are broke, and ready to take all the pseudo blames on yourself. Always remember, whatever happens to you, happens for good. It’s better to work on yourself and go ahead with your life.

Do you still have space for them? Not healed yet?

In certain scenarios, getting saddened by seeing your ex with someone else may reflect that you need a little more time to heal completely. Everyone handles a breakup differently and moves on in their own time. It is a necessity of life to take some time to wipe out anxious feelings for your ex and your previous relationship to fully recover and move forward with your current one.

Remembering special moments

Recalling the special moment spent with them makes us feel down. And even the idea of them experiencing the moments, making love, or creating new memories, haunts you even more. It’s genuine to imagine them having the same bond with someone else now may be hard, but true, so accepts the fact and step ahead.

Cool, It’s normal! you will recover.

Relax! It might be a little confusing seeing your ex with someone else or having mixed feelings, especially when you’ve moved on, and started your new journey. But, it’s a genuine or normal reaction for a normal person. One should only need to understand the facts and differentiated practically present to past, and you can make your life easy to step ahead. Stay Strong! 😊

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