Does our law need to get more strict towards animal violence attempts?

Being a human is a beautiful gift given to us by God to do the good deeds for others that we call it humanity or humankind. But the game has flipped now, they find it no big deal on hurting the mum innocent animals just for the sake of their pleasure, for so-called business or for sometimes take out their frustration on them thinking like they don’t feel anything which is their one of the biggest misinterpretation. Their delusion of thinking them superior is making them the dumbest and sinister throughout life.

Is our dairy food the product of rape?

Here in India, We consider cows as “Mother” we used to worship, but what do you think they get the respect with what a mother should be treated with? NO, Cows and other farm female animals endure being raped repeatedly, and their babies are taken away from them, either some got killed or rest got to be treated as same as their mothers. When humans are sexually or forcibly violated, we call it “rape” but on a similar side when female animals are violated sexually, we call it “artificial insemination ”, which comes into the product we used to enjoy on a regular basis, right! Bulls are stimulated to ejaculate into the artificial private containers, and they undergo the process call electroejaculation. For more you can read here..

Pregnant elephant and cow fed with firecrackers?

The inhuman’s deeds haven’t gone so far yet, being human, we have taken other living life so ordinary that we don’t even find it terrifying on hurting them. Another case we came to hear with only a few days of news headlines and criticism, when the hungry pregnant elephant fed with the firecrackers by Kerala people, as it was subject to their enjoyment of seeing a life-carrying creature with immense pain that she couldn’t tolerate that and died. Another when mother like “cow” being worshiped, was fed with firecrackers stuffed in the wheat dough. Her jaw blown off, we couldn’t even imagine the pain she had gone through, so inhuman, so shameful!! 

Shooting seals, wolves, snakes, and others for their skin?

What if someone shoots you and peel off your skin to make goods and earn profit from it? Sounds crazy, right.

It is a million-dollar industry to slaughter animals and uses their skin to make shoes, jackets, belts, etc.

Now some of you might be thinking that these companies need to stop but the main problem is they lie within ourselves.

We need a leather jacket or other products that’s why there is so much demand in the market and that’s why these industries evolving day by day.

The solution is to prohibit utilizing the animal product so that they won’t be in demand and gradually there will be a downfall in the commerce of this industry and that’s how we can save animals from getting slaughtered.

Bullfighting: The death show?

Another act of enjoying the cruelty of the ruthless people, relishing the bullfighting with hoots, calling it a tradition of their culture, a culture where year, thousands of bulls are barbarically slaughtered in bullrings around the world. Bulls today are specially bred for bullfighting. They are nurtured on hundreds of registered bull ranches located in various parts of Mexico. Whereas Bulls aren’t the only victims in bullfights. Horses are too used to run with the bulls in circles can quickly become exhausted. They can be seriously killed by rushing the bulls trying to protect themselves with the bulls.

Dog festival?

More than 5000 dogs are killed during this dog festival. First dogs are put into the cage and then cooked alive or slaughter, just for the sake of Thanksgiving.

We can’t cry over the slaughter of dogs and on the other hand, enjoying the beef, chicken, or any other meat products.

Be the change you want to see in the world and the change starts from your plate by simply not putting the non-veg into your platter.

Laws against harming animals?

Are the laws are strict enough to save the animals? The major loophole under the PCA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Act is if any kind of offense or crime has been done by one, will be imposed with the fine or compensation of amount ranges from Rs. 10 and Rs. 50, the fine range would depend upon the seriousness of the crime.

What are the laws?

Under Section 11 and 12 of the PCA Act are cognizable but the sentence of imprisonment is very low that is imprisonment of 3 months and punishment under Section 38 of the Act is non-cognizable which means the person cannot be arrested without a warrant. Also, under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1956, there is a provision for the requirement of setting up of a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in every state but leaving a few states there is no such society in the rest of the country.

What steps are yet to be taken?

All the Sections under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act should be amended strictly, improvisations are required in the provision of fine and compensation amount and period of imprisonment. Being civilized people of our society, we should be aware of how to treat innocent animals with kindness as it is our duty to be a human and be like one.