The aparted paths: Chapter 1

Try to hold it tight, it will fall off of your palm,

The more unbounded space you’ll give, the longer it will calm,

It? = Water, Trust, Love, and Person!

And it’s the end of the story after all,

From the silly love tale to the misery of the dark wall,

Everything has a certain end as you know it’s a protocol,

No matter whether it’s beautiful as a blossom or an unexpected Darkfall,

But doing the right or hate is your most difficult call,

Trusting “the one” you might think you have it all,

So lost in love that seems you’ll never get rid off,

Chameleon is the daring enough to show it’s varying colors to y’all,

But witnessing similar on the person you adore, is killing you more,

Be courageous enough to admit the truth hiding beside the wall,

Seeing it prior before it’s too late, is a blessing for you for sure…..