The Winter Fall: Chapter Two

We have heard that it takes two to make a quarrel,

Perhaps this story too has a moral, 

They say one and one together makes eleven,

But what if one decides to stay in  heaven,

Heaven is a term of their imaginary comfort planet,

But it seems too far-drawn when they unlock the casket,

Casket depicts the blindfold they’re holding so far,

That they’ll not leave because I’m  their oxygen bar,

Perception have their own games,

Sometimes fair to both, sometimes leaving its own fame,

Owning the gem, conquering the war, not always important,

Important is getting the learnings from the new is where you reach,

The blame game has begun again, mental calm has been abducted by the pain,

The ground is set though with firey pane,

But no more subconscious allows me to fight,

However, I’m set to catch a long walk in solo besides,

Though that was the short shredded insight,

Still hoping the springtime will bloom with sweet delights.

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