The Winter Fall: Chapter Two

We have heard that it takes two to make a quarrel,

Perhaps this story too has a moral, 

They say one and one together makes eleven,

But what if one decides to stay in  heaven,

Heaven is a term of their imaginary comfort planet,

But it seems too far-drawn when they unlock the casket,

Casket depicts the blindfold they’re holding so far,

That they’ll not leave because I’m  their oxygen bar,

Perception have their own games,

Sometimes fair to both, sometimes leaving its own fame,

Owning the gem, conquering the war, not always important,

Important is getting the learnings from the new is where you reach,

The blame game has begun again, mental calm has been abducted by the pain,

The ground is set though with firey pane,

But no more subconscious allows me to fight,

However, I’m set to catch a long walk in solo besides,

Though that was the short shredded insight,

Still hoping the springtime will bloom with sweet delights.

Does our law need to get more strict towards animal violence attempts?

Being a human is a beautiful gift given to us by God to do the good deeds for others that we call it humanity or humankind. But the game has flipped now, they find it no big deal on hurting the mum innocent animals just for the sake of their pleasure, for so-called business or for sometimes take out their frustration on them thinking like they don’t feel anything which is their one of the biggest misinterpretation. Their delusion of thinking them superior is making them the dumbest and sinister throughout life.

Is our dairy food the product of rape?

Here in India, We consider cows as “Mother” we used to worship, but what do you think they get the respect with what a mother should be treated with? NO, Cows and other farm female animals endure being raped repeatedly, and their babies are taken away from them, either some got killed or rest got to be treated as same as their mothers. When humans are sexually or forcibly violated, we call it “rape” but on a similar side when female animals are violated sexually, we call it “artificial insemination ”, which comes into the product we used to enjoy on a regular basis, right! Bulls are stimulated to ejaculate into the artificial private containers, and they undergo the process call electroejaculation. For more you can read here..

Pregnant elephant and cow fed with firecrackers?

The inhuman’s deeds haven’t gone so far yet, being human, we have taken other living life so ordinary that we don’t even find it terrifying on hurting them. Another case we came to hear with only a few days of news headlines and criticism, when the hungry pregnant elephant fed with the firecrackers by Kerala people, as it was subject to their enjoyment of seeing a life-carrying creature with immense pain that she couldn’t tolerate that and died. Another when mother like “cow” being worshiped, was fed with firecrackers stuffed in the wheat dough. Her jaw blown off, we couldn’t even imagine the pain she had gone through, so inhuman, so shameful!! 

Shooting seals, wolves, snakes, and others for their skin?

What if someone shoots you and peel off your skin to make goods and earn profit from it? Sounds crazy, right.

It is a million-dollar industry to slaughter animals and uses their skin to make shoes, jackets, belts, etc.

Now some of you might be thinking that these companies need to stop but the main problem is they lie within ourselves.

We need a leather jacket or other products that’s why there is so much demand in the market and that’s why these industries evolving day by day.

The solution is to prohibit utilizing the animal product so that they won’t be in demand and gradually there will be a downfall in the commerce of this industry and that’s how we can save animals from getting slaughtered.

Bullfighting: The death show?

Another act of enjoying the cruelty of the ruthless people, relishing the bullfighting with hoots, calling it a tradition of their culture, a culture where year, thousands of bulls are barbarically slaughtered in bullrings around the world. Bulls today are specially bred for bullfighting. They are nurtured on hundreds of registered bull ranches located in various parts of Mexico. Whereas Bulls aren’t the only victims in bullfights. Horses are too used to run with the bulls in circles can quickly become exhausted. They can be seriously killed by rushing the bulls trying to protect themselves with the bulls.

Dog festival?

More than 5000 dogs are killed during this dog festival. First dogs are put into the cage and then cooked alive or slaughter, just for the sake of Thanksgiving.

We can’t cry over the slaughter of dogs and on the other hand, enjoying the beef, chicken, or any other meat products.

Be the change you want to see in the world and the change starts from your plate by simply not putting the non-veg into your platter.

Laws against harming animals?

Are the laws are strict enough to save the animals? The major loophole under the PCA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Act is if any kind of offense or crime has been done by one, will be imposed with the fine or compensation of amount ranges from Rs. 10 and Rs. 50, the fine range would depend upon the seriousness of the crime.

What are the laws?

Under Section 11 and 12 of the PCA Act are cognizable but the sentence of imprisonment is very low that is imprisonment of 3 months and punishment under Section 38 of the Act is non-cognizable which means the person cannot be arrested without a warrant. Also, under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1956, there is a provision for the requirement of setting up of a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in every state but leaving a few states there is no such society in the rest of the country.

What steps are yet to be taken?

All the Sections under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act should be amended strictly, improvisations are required in the provision of fine and compensation amount and period of imprisonment. Being civilized people of our society, we should be aware of how to treat innocent animals with kindness as it is our duty to be a human and be like one.

The aparted paths: Chapter 1

Try to hold it tight, it will fall off of your palm,

The more unbounded space you’ll give, the longer it will calm,

It? = Water, Trust, Love, and Person!

And it’s the end of the story after all,

From the silly love tale to the misery of the dark wall,

Everything has a certain end as you know it’s a protocol,

No matter whether it’s beautiful as a blossom or an unexpected Darkfall,

But doing the right or hate is your most difficult call,

Trusting “the one” you might think you have it all,

So lost in love that seems you’ll never get rid off,

Chameleon is the daring enough to show it’s varying colors to y’all,

But witnessing similar on the person you adore, is killing you more,

Be courageous enough to admit the truth hiding beside the wall,

Seeing it prior before it’s too late, is a blessing for you for sure…..

Daughter-in-law being as Daugther: Negation in acceptance

Every girl especially in places like India has been taught that your in-law’s house is your real one. But do their in-laws allow their own house to be their home for girls? We are living in developed India now, where the state of mentality has been appreciably modernized, like hardly people believe in the dowry system now, considered their daughter-in-law as their own daughter, in-laws stand out more for their daughter-in-law more than their son sometimes, and many more. But there’s also subsists the harsh reality today, not everyone is that developed whether they looked from their appearances or outfits but having those creepy and narrow thoughts towards their daughter-in-law. Some are twisted when it comes to the comparison between their daughter and daughter-in-law.

Their daughter is allowed and independent to take decisions or to work outside, allowed to wear whatever she wants, can talk whoever she wants, but on another side, their daughter-in-law should know the boundaries, should take permission from husband or in-laws even if she wants to go out, she is supposed to be a homemaker so have to be in bars which are invisible totally, but do exist, and if by any mistake that boundary breaks, then the tag of the home breaker has been patched straight to her character or evermore.

Stop this

The girls have been taught that your in-laws will be your second parents, you will get more love and acceptance than ever, but what if she doesn’t even treat as a person with all rights or been beaten like an animal? During all the suffering, nobody thinks of her, or of her condition, because they don’t think it through, if a girl leaves their in-law’s house, it will become a subject of their shame. Girls have been advised to suffer like,” Don’t bother, its a part of life. Give some time to them, everything will come on a track soon, You’re brave and homemaker, not a big deal if you bear a bit!”. And by listening to this, some attempts to suicide, some are murdered by their in-laws or some are forced to die or some just think it better to leave that house. All the cases of domestic violence are seen leaving every 20 houses in the street. 

During these circumstances, parents are requested to take a vital and certain step instead of giving unnecessary advice to their daughters. They should report complain to the nearby police place or take their daughter back from those cold-blooded creatures. Many helpline are there if you seek help when nobody is helping you. Always remember to have faith and confidence in you, that will help you to bring the change because anyone can give you words but rare can offer a hand. Change comes within ourselves, so make the change and be the change.

Lessons from past relationships: why do they fail?

Relationships do not fail, we fail them. Life is all about learning things, to come to the matter of togetherness. Setbacks and mistakes are part of life and way to success. We nowadays complain that love does not exist in today’s era, but it takes a special and only one person to fail us on this thought. But what if we fail in this too, what lessons we should learn from our failed relationships so that we do not make those mistakes further:

Trust but not blindly:

Trust is a way for every successful relationship until unless it is blind. You have seen many in relationships that one got betrayed because of their blind trust in their partner. One should keep a check on a random basis on their partner not to peep into their devices but to know with whom they are interacting. There is nothing wrong with that instead you will get to know what’s going in their life as we are more active on our social networks and devices.

Ask them what’s going in their life:

You should ask your partner if is everything going right? You should ask them about their life if they are facing any trouble, and if it is beautiful then how to make it more appreciable because a relationship is not only about your love life connected with your partner but also about sharing the happiness and problems.

Never impose your decisions

Being in a relationship, You always want our partner to do things which you like, and its embracing when they do that, but expecting this from them to leave all their thoughts and habits be get molded like you want them to be is right? Always respect their thoughts and decisions, their likings and way of living life, best understanding comes from here only.

Time and Communication is a key

No matter how busy you’re, if you cannot take out time from your schedule, if you can stay without hearing from your partner or similar in the case of your partner then its a wake-up call, priority of the person has been changed whether they claim it loud. If you’re facing the issues then sit back and communicate what’s lacking in between, how to resolve the situation. There’s nothing in a world that cannot be met with teamwork.

Never let the spark fades away:

You do numerous things to impress and to have that person in your life because you’re so convinced with their personality and nature, but what comes it to not seeing it into your relationship anymore. Why do you let the fire down between you both? Never stop putting efforts to make your partner special whether its been a decade passes of togetherness. If you’ll start taking efforts, everything will then come on the track, always remember small things brings great happiness. 

Be true to your partner:

Hiding things is similar to the deception. A relationship is a bond of trust and love, but when you start keeping things secret, it is the first step of betrayal. If you’ll be true to your partner always, share everything with them that you think they should know, leads to a happy and successful relationship is one of a kind.

Always respect your partner’s personal space:

If you’re in this world then you may have friends also, this also may imply on your partner, you cannot resist your partner not to talk to their friends and knowns just because you do not feel it right. You should respect the personal space of yours as well as your partners, there’s nothing to feel unsecured, if your partner or you still feel this, then let your partner introduce to your friends and chill together, this may help you out to build up trust again. 

Never let you partner feel unwanted or insecure:

Being in a relationship, if you or your partner still feels unwanted which hurts the most, then talk about what they feel about them now and also ask if they still want them? If they’re confused to be together, then listen to your intuition and leave instead of getting into the blame-game. And if they still want you then work on how to make this more beautiful.