The Unfolded Secret: Not The Revealing Session Though!!

Each of us has that on an unfolded secret, we wish and desire but can’t utter, though, not even to our close ones though, because of its intimidating tendency. It’s so intense that sometimes terrifies us, terrified of being judged if shared with anyone. Even some of us wouldn’t know if they’ve any but still finds something is lacking in their life and path of pleasure and peace even if they have/ had everything.

I hope you guys got what I want you to get, See you soon!!

I’ll not exaggerate the term “Secrets and Desires” because everyone has their own different perspective fluctuating. Specifically, in India, Even if you take the thought of sharing the thing with your trusting one, but still your mind might have to stop you once, why? Just for the sake of not becoming a subject of laughter to that one. I’m not sure, maybe everyone is not like I’m describing, but still, it’s just the fear.

If you feel like sharing this thing with the person you think will lead to the pathway to wanted, just dash off a shot, because we never know what we’re going to be missing!!

I hope you guys got what I want you to get, See you around!!

Live-in, India And Society

Coming with time, the ever thing which was consistent was the change, change in living patterns, change in understanding and mentality, and change towards independence. We’re seeing our country as Revolutionary India, a New leading country, etc. But some parts are still unavoidable of the society. Some realities are still harsh and rough to digest for our society like how they can even exist, for example, homosexual relationships, growing Transgenders, self-governing women, and the other one, “Live in Relationship” also called cohabitation.

What does a Live-in relationship mean?

A Live-in relationship is like a couple who’s living together without any legal bond between the parties, like a no-strings-attached relationship, a win-win situation for both to know each other better in person instead of spending some specific hours but sharing one’s lifestyle with one another. In simple words, it’s a walk-in or walk-out relationship, people prefer mostly before tying a knot and making it all allegedly disciplined. 

How does it look like to in a live-in relationship in India?

Moving-in together is considered as beyond pale in India. To be honest, the status of live-in India is not up to the mark, as it is still very new to our society and hence seen as a stigma.

This concept has entered India in the millennial age, so it’ll never be surprised if people of previous generations will show their back or may ask what the live-in relationship actually is?

Just forget society for some time, and just talk about our families. Do you really think our family gonna understand this if they found you want to hop into this relationship without marriage?

The answer will surely be NO, but still, the number of such relations is increasing gradually.

People are still holding on to the mentality that it harms the long-cherished values of institutions and cultures like marriage and family.  

Laws procured for Live-In relation in India

In India, the Domestic Violence Act 2005 included within its influence in live-in relationships under which a woman has with a man “a relationship in the nature of marriage” can go to court if abused. This relationship has seen none less than a marriage under the eye of the law, but without entering legally into it, and it is legal under the law but has to follow the norms.

The best part of staying in live-in is to stay honest and happy with your companion, or somehow if it’s not going well then you can end this on that point. Even though Bollywood has also portrayed this concept in their movies and showed the two different sides of societies, one where all are happily accepting the two’s relationship and encouraging them to make it permanent, and second where families of both the parties as opposing it.

We cannot say they have the narrow passage of their thinking because they had never seen such a thing previously in their times. But it differs from person to person, some are open to changes, some of them do block their head to understand or even hear the others for even once. 

The chaos has been scattered all over, but majorly into our minds, we cannot just directly put on the blame directly on society for being a non-understandable community, they will deffinetly show their opposite side to this changes and enhancement, But eventually things are still running on. According to their beliefs as marriage is the foundation of a family, if their beliefs get hurt in any manner, they’ll surely react to this. Though cohabitation is made legal in India, it is still a matter of taboo in many parts. Such couples have sometimes faced threats from the outward loop. Yet, thing demands the change in accordance with the time and hoping this might get better with time as well.

Young Adults, How they’re more entertaining with living alone?

More we’re becoming self-dependent, more we’re opting for modern life, and more we’re preferring living alone today, especially by young adults. According to statistics gathered by several research centers, young adults from around the world are focusing more on their careers and businesses, spend more time flirting on dating apps and prefer living solo instead of getting married, having children and forming a settled family.

Rather than compensating their preferences by tying the knot, they want to become financially strong and independent, young people want to secure their future and complete their academics which are taking more than usual time and delaying the time more and more. Young people especially in the age of 24+ to their last 40’s, preferring living solo and do not want to get bothered with other’s hindrances.

Entertaining solitude

LIving in solo doesn’t define one is not liking to be in social gatherings, but they enjoy their own space and time, they connect to people, party, or hang out with them and come to their nest another day. 

Not everyone chooses their Solo life

Everyone is just different from one another, so do as their preferences. Not everyone wishes to spend their life without having a partner. Choosing a single life could depend on one’s life situation what they’ve faced or what they think about others, but there are people too who come into the relationship, left their solo life because they think that life can be shared with them peacefully and beautifully.

Solo life is a definition of freedom

Living alone is another name of freedom in its own, young people choose to remain solo or if marry, then without any restriction or judgment. Living a solo life is simply becoming a preference for a growing soul and this should be celebrated rather than criticizing, as it really could give people more options like how they want to lead in life. In a future where neither being married or single is not regarded as negative.

We should learn to live on our own for sure because we know we have to leave alone if we’d have come alone. I also myself prefer a single solo life, having no stress, we need not impress anyone, we need not entertain an other’s opinion or have to take anyone’s shit, but at the having your partner by your side is not a that bad idea, but not now for sure, Maybe in my 30’s or later. Yes, this Idea of living alone is totally worthless according to our elders, and they’re right to somewhere, but living alone is a peaceful definition on its own.

Old age? The phase of reliving childhood OR feeling out like a burden on your children!!

The aging factor stereotype has been endured and has taken in numerous counts to the behavior that varies to one another. Let me make it simple for you, old age is also known as the second childhood as a stage of life where the lifecycle returned to its beginning. We’ll not step into the scientific reason to know why this happens, but to let you guys know that it feels like being in late adulthood. In this stage, the body sees many changes, physically as well mentally, the more wrinkles are shown in the skin, the more it starts lowering the functioning of the brain, which leads on to act opposite to their age.

Life after the 50s?  

The thought sounds quite responsible and stressful because you’ll be in the middle of your life, though life is full of uncertainties we can take it as a rough guess. We never think about our parents who are already in this phase, rather we tend to complain all the time that they’re acting weird nowadays. They are not weird but the changes they face are. You should encourage them to follow their curiosities and their hobbies, what they’d wished once but couldn’t be reached, and if you’re already in your 50’s and reading this, forget if their any society exists and what will they say if you pursue your passion at this age, they’ve got a mouth, so they gonna say it anyway whether it’s good or not. Do what you’d ever dreamt of, whether it’s traveling, connecting to new people or communities, learning something new, or could be anything, also if you’re single and seeking a partner to live the life with, just give it a shot. You might be facing opposition from your family or society, but remember they’re gonna leave you alone one day anyway. So, do what your heart says!

One might feel like being a burden on their children because now it’s their time to serve their parents. Who feels their parents are a burden, some left them in an old-age home, some left them alone in their home, or some left them open over the road alone. We have seen movies like Baghwan, lead by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, a drama film depicting the harsh reality of today, where one parent can raise their 4 children together but when their parents step into old age, then their children set such a cruel arrangement that they make their parent’s hearts bleed. 

It’s just an example of a drama movie, but a couple of months earlier, as the case came into the rise when the son of an old lady of ’70s left her alone on the train and didn’t come. The woman came into the eyes when people noticed that the lady hadn’t moved from her seat for 2 days in a row and had nothing in hand, no food, no money, no nothing, then the local police took her to the nearby old age home and made the arrangements for her stay. My point is to show the cruelty of the man who left her mother who’d taken him in her womb for 9 months straight and to heat up the fested(toxic) mentality of the people towards their helpless and obligate parents who want nothing but their children’s love and care.

Relive your glory days 

Never think of old age as an age of being left helpless, this is almost an age where you’ve achieved almost everything you thought once in your life, you are almost free from every responsibility, and it’s now time to revive those adulthood days whether with your partner or by enjoying your own company. Consider this as your glorifying time, re-enhance your vibes and soul, bring the new in you. Be limitless and change the definition for all boundaries of aged hypocrites. 

Struggling with your own fluctuating emotions? How I’m dealing with mine right now? Is it that easy?……….

These baffled emotions are very common and often to people when they step into mid of their teens or 20’s. We mostly endure being confused about whether this confusion is about love, friendship, college, business, etc. almost about everything. I’m one of them, I won’t say like I’m an always happy-go kinda person. But like most of us, I too got failed in finding my “The only one”, Sounds silly? Yeah of course it does, duhhh… !!

But Honestly not regretting it :)…

Ya, I admit that become sad while scrolling on over one of the social media handle’s feed, when I see couples wandering the world while wrapping hands to one another, Haha….. I know it’s foolish, and also whatever we’re seeing online is not actually real, but it’s all my mood swings, what I thought in just a second after. Hehe…. I have always been a puffed child since my childhood, I called it “my family’s love is shown by my body”, I love food, I really do, But while growing up, seeing, yes looks really do matter, and how much I’m trying hard to lose fat but my obsession for trying new food, is just not letting me go, was the time I felt its the time to get back on track now. Being always dumped by foolish reasons for not loving back was certainly uncountable.

Is this Post for seeking any sympathy?? It’s a BIG NO NO….

I love myself, and also understand the concept of mindful eating, loving weight lifting now, started jogging everyday, feeling fitter and motivated than ever before…

Not only by friends and outsiders, but even my own family members also used to make me remember almost all the time, like how fat I’m, Uhh, the struggle is really very real “Because kehte hain na, patli ho jaao nahi toh shaadi nahi hogi, ya acha pati nhi milega!!

Like each and every phrase, the phase of a woman’s life has been started from finding a decent and ideal husband. Why a woman can’t think of settling on her feet without thinking of getting married and having her own separate family? Why is a woman not considered as part of her own family anymore where she born, when her 20’s begins? I completely understand the need of having a partner at a certain age when you can grow together, and starts a new life? But what If one fails in finding one, whether it’s any of the reason, their pattern of thinking and understanding, one’s outer looks, one’s religion or caste differences, one’s, etc. Isn’t a woman alone capable of taking her career to heights?

I’m really not able to get fit into this society where “Log kya sochenge” is still matters! Lol…
I think sometimes whether people are so idle to talk shit about others without thinking about their own? Ya, I too judge people sometimes, but also besides knowing that it’s not my business to do anything with!!

How I’m keeping myself motivated to move on and focus?

I usually do nothing but keeping myself busy, whether with work or thinking about my blogging skills to improve in more and also with household stuff sometimes. Times come in between while jogging or my walks, where my thinking starts. I’m a really very big fan of Mr. Neelesh Mishra, a fan of his writings actually, I used to listen to them almost on daily basis. They are very soothing and takes you into your own imaginary world, where sometimes you will learn to deal with emotions or sometimes understand the phases life shows us.

Things I’ve learned so far is, Everyone has their own sets of problems, No one can compare their lives to other, everyone has their own shit to deal with, and living in their own visionary world. Sharing my thoughts with you has no intention behind but to tell to y’all that it’s all indoors us, the complications and perplexes running within, are all common. Share them to only those whom you think they’re only trustworthy, or better to not share instead of becoming a subject of anyone’s laughter. 

The tide will always be waving within till you know how to deal with! Don’t let the tide be the tornado! Take Care!