Another act of Inhumanity: How a woman was kept captive by his husband in Haryana?

The relation between husband and wife has always been considered pure and divine. But coming along with so much of revolution, the cruelty of people’s minds is also coming into the frame, the case where the man kept his wife captive for straight 1.5 years in Haryana, Rishpur village of Panipat district as confirmed by the police officials.

A 35-year-old woman was allegedly kept captive in the small and stinky toilet by her husband for about one and a half years within their home. It all started when a woman officer received the tip from her locality that a woman is kept captive by his husband and other family members for several days. The victim is a mother of three children, when rescued, first taken to the civil hospital, and then she was handed over to her cousin. When the police officials reached her house, she found brutally locked in the toilet where she was lying in a wretched state. 

She was severely malnourished and weak that she couldn’t even walk, reason was she was not given proper food and drinking water, the amount of the food was given that she’ll only be able to survive.

When the husband was being questioned about the condition of the woman, he denied the accusations and said that his wife is mentally unstable, though he was unable to prove his statement because of a lack of medical documents as pieces of evidence. The accused has been arrested and interrogated, but now released on bail because of a lack of pieces evidence. 

This is not any new case that brings the frame of brutality and wicked mentality of society and depicts how far it can go further, but the act of violence against women just proving within themselves that men are still dominating women and society by their decisions and ruling power, then no matter whether it’s  affecting women mentally as well as physically. Like the small tip of information releases the woman from more further torture, we can too do the same by being attentive towards society with open-eyes.

Old age? The phase of reliving childhood OR feeling out like a burden on your children!!

The aging factor stereotype has been endured and has taken in numerous counts to the behavior that varies to one another. Let me make it simple for you, old age is also known as the second childhood as a stage of life where the lifecycle returned to its beginning. We’ll not step into the scientific reason to know why this happens, but to let you guys know that it feels like being in late adulthood. In this stage, the body sees many changes, physically as well mentally, the more wrinkles are shown in the skin, the more it starts lowering the functioning of the brain, which leads on to act opposite to their age.

Life after the 50s?  

The thought sounds quite responsible and stressful because you’ll be in the middle of your life, though life is full of uncertainties we can take it as a rough guess. We never think about our parents who are already in this phase, rather we tend to complain all the time that they’re acting weird nowadays. They are not weird but the changes they face are. You should encourage them to follow their curiosities and their hobbies, what they’d wished once but couldn’t be reached, and if you’re already in your 50’s and reading this, forget if their any society exists and what will they say if you pursue your passion at this age, they’ve got a mouth, so they gonna say it anyway whether it’s good or not. Do what you’d ever dreamt of, whether it’s traveling, connecting to new people or communities, learning something new, or could be anything, also if you’re single and seeking a partner to live the life with, just give it a shot. You might be facing opposition from your family or society, but remember they’re gonna leave you alone one day anyway. So, do what your heart says!

One might feel like being a burden on their children because now it’s their time to serve their parents. Who feels their parents are a burden, some left them in an old-age home, some left them alone in their home, or some left them open over the road alone. We have seen movies like Baghwan, lead by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, a drama film depicting the harsh reality of today, where one parent can raise their 4 children together but when their parents step into old age, then their children set such a cruel arrangement that they make their parent’s hearts bleed. 

It’s just an example of a drama movie, but a couple of months earlier, as the case came into the rise when the son of an old lady of ’70s left her alone on the train and didn’t come. The woman came into the eyes when people noticed that the lady hadn’t moved from her seat for 2 days in a row and had nothing in hand, no food, no money, no nothing, then the local police took her to the nearby old age home and made the arrangements for her stay. My point is to show the cruelty of the man who left her mother who’d taken him in her womb for 9 months straight and to heat up the fested(toxic) mentality of the people towards their helpless and obligate parents who want nothing but their children’s love and care.

Relive your glory days 

Never think of old age as an age of being left helpless, this is almost an age where you’ve achieved almost everything you thought once in your life, you are almost free from every responsibility, and it’s now time to revive those adulthood days whether with your partner or by enjoying your own company. Consider this as your glorifying time, re-enhance your vibes and soul, bring the new in you. Be limitless and change the definition for all boundaries of aged hypocrites. 

Inner Serenity: How to honor yourself eternally with this reward!!

What is Inner serenity?

Inner Serenity or Peace refers to the soothing or peaceful state of mind instead of blubbering or hustling composition. Serenity or calmness is both the description of a well-place mind from the distorted position and towards the enlightenment of the sub-conscious mind.

But it is not simple as talking about it casually, sitting for a while, and boom, here you are. Instead of sitting for like hours, it demands regular practice for just from 10 minutes at the start till as long as you’re holding to it. Despite, we also complain that we’re facing difficulties while practicing it, because of the mental stressors that are continuously revolving even if we’re are not in that region.

Going through this, many of the therapies and practices came out in the pattern which claims to bring your baffled inner conscious to serenity states like meditation and mindfulness, guided yoga practices, listening to music, etc.

How I’m dealing with my anxious mind and struggling in finding inner peace?

Being a commoner, I’m too facing this similar issue, the issue of not getting the considered mind, the issue of overthinking, and anxiety even in the single ant-sized problem. But since I’ve been practicing meditation and yoga, it feels much lighter than before. Instead of overthinking, I’ve started finding out the ways on how can I resolve it. Sometimes I take suggestions from my parents, sometimes from my trusted ones, sometimes from my sister, or sometimes just sitting alone and understanding the situation on my own.

More ways, I’ve tried so far? 

Besides I’m not patient, that’s only the reason maybe I’m still struggling to find my inner solace. The ways I’ve been practicing to keep my mind and body fit are:

  • Meditation
  • Exercising and stretching
  • Guided Yoga
  • Weightlifting
  • Jogging/running
  • Maintaining Journal
  • Listening to Bhagwat Geeta
  • Listening to motivational speakers (like Sadhguru)

But what I’ve learned is “It’s all in the mind, Everything is a mind game, If you decide to be determined to something, and nothing can distract you from achieving it, then you will reach to your goal. You might find the obstacles which will be trying to block your way, but then your determination power will tunely help you out to cross it and reach next to your goal”.

I tried waking up at 4.30 am, and starting up with jogging, also inspired by one of my friend, following it to exercising and yoga practice, and weight lifting on alternate days. Following that, I start my day with the meditation, and after that first meal of the day. And trying to better my routine in a more improvised manner, and believe me, this helps me a lot.

At last, I will suggest you all make your own suitable plan which you think you can follow and add it to your regular days. The only plan which can help you is your own only. Being settled at this young age, I would suggest you get up, leave your bed and take out the productive soul who’s holding right there in yourself. Take care!

The Winter Fall: Chapter Two

We have heard that it takes two to make a quarrel,

Perhaps this story too has a moral, 

They say one and one together makes eleven,

But what if one decides to stay in  heaven,

Heaven is a term of their imaginary comfort planet,

But it seems too far-drawn when they unlock the casket,

Casket depicts the blindfold they’re holding so far,

That they’ll not leave because I’m  their oxygen bar,

Perception have their own games,

Sometimes fair to both, sometimes leaving its own fame,

Owning the gem, conquering the war, not always important,

Important is getting the learnings from the new is where you reach,

The blame game has begun again, mental calm has been abducted by the pain,

The ground is set though with firey pane,

But no more subconscious allows me to fight,

However, I’m set to catch a long walk in solo besides,

Though that was the short shredded insight,

Still hoping the springtime will bloom with sweet delights.

The aparted paths: Chapter 1

Try to hold it tight, it will fall off of your palm,

The more unbounded space you’ll give, the longer it will calm,

It? = Water, Trust, Love, and Person!

And it’s the end of the story after all,

From the silly love tale to the misery of the dark wall,

Everything has a certain end as you know it’s a protocol,

No matter whether it’s beautiful as a blossom or an unexpected Darkfall,

But doing the right or hate is your most difficult call,

Trusting “the one” you might think you have it all,

So lost in love that seems you’ll never get rid off,

Chameleon is the daring enough to show it’s varying colors to y’all,

But witnessing similar on the person you adore, is killing you more,

Be courageous enough to admit the truth hiding beside the wall,

Seeing it prior before it’s too late, is a blessing for you for sure…..