LGBT v’s Society: Are the differences still going in between these two?

One question you should ask from yourself first, are you open to take the acceptance to the LGBT community without any discrimination? Well, the answer might be easy, but harder in implementing that. Yes, we’re still not that much more open to ourselves or ready to make changes around us when is question adding something new to it. In a literal, there’s nothing new in that, but the people are now strong enough to identify and to take steps forward to this.

What do LGBTQ stands for?
L= Lesbian
G= Gay
B= Bisexual
T= Transgender
Q= Queer

And many more terms are now in the slangs and titles like pansexual, pangender, homo, ally, asexual, etc. Even after the Section 377, people are still suffering from negation and discrimination, and by mistake, if someone what’s to share with their family the changes that they are feeling in their body, they are advised to stay shut, because if they do so, then ” what society will say? What people will say?” strikes directly. It takes huge guts to accept the fact and get supported by their families to their truth. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Same-sex marriages

From the article on Brut India, The couple came up in front and shared their story of what they had to face to come across here, while both were adults and wanted to stay together but same-sex love is illegal here.
Same-sex marriages are still not legally recognized in India and are entertained with very limited rights as a domestic partnership. Not only in India but there are still the countries that do not entertain the same-sex or LGBT community partnership as in law. Everyone has an independent right to choose their partner but marriage is legislated at the federal level.

Fight for the Rights of Transgender community

We all have believed that getting blessings from Hijras(Eunuch) on every auspicious occasion is like a boon, but there are also us who treat them like they from another planet. Yes, hard to accept but still true, by giving them name as third-gender, we even started treating them like one. They are human like us, their blood and skin have the same color as us. But one stage of showing humanity, they have proved that they have more sentiments and intelligence than us. If a child shares the changes felt in his body then either they’ll be advised to keep shut or will be thrown out from the house. But this is not only the scenario, but there are also the people who support their child and educate them. There are many transgender who’ve adopted the orphans and provided them education, but then the other troubled waited for their child to face, insulting them as a child of transgender and boycotting them from every gathering.

There’s a lot more to write, the only question arises that if we’re educating our children and teaching them how to behave with others, whether it’s an animal, human, or anything will make a difference within the world? As I said, changes come within ourselves, we should have a write to do anything if it is correct and not hurting others sensibilities, we should have a right to choose our partner or right to equalities. No one should be treated as if their lives do not breathe!

Does Your Body Shape Define How Much Attractive Are You?

Do you believe in judging the people at the first glance based on their physical traits? Most of people will answer in denial, but you all know the answers, isn’t kinda funny that accepting the truth is even more harsh.

Yes, we do judge people on the very first meet only by their body shape and looks, we used to make our assumptions about the people based solely on their body shape, age, gender and facial traits.

People judge their first impression on the body shape of others

Defining the others as your first impression based on their body shape whether they’re tall or short, thin or slim, etc., does re-lives in us even today also. There’re so many aspects and examples that are proof as our vision towards them still involves more considerations, because our attitude towards the people whom we’re judging can also influence their mindset. One of the issues raised as body-shaming. It sounds normal, but actually, it is not, so many studies have been taken into consideration where people were bullied because of body-shaming by their colleagues, relatives, friends, classmates even their families.

Body-shaming is not gender specific

We just need to understand that concept of having a natural body size specified in weight, height, size is more hereditary, and this what something is still not appreciated by the people whether they already know about this. If this theory of obesity or malnutrition is not good for the health of the human body, then this goes for both males as well as females. We know many of them are debating or fighting for gender equalities, but this is something which has still not changed in our mind. People who ever have faced this kind of humiliation might have the possibility that they have tried to lose inches in the frustration and commences to harm themselves or put their mind state into the stage of depression.

Stop taking irrelevant advices

“You should lose your weight, else people will laugh at you”, “You should not eat this, this will make you fatter”, “Have stopped eating, that even your bones are see-through now?”, “You should join the gym now, may this will help you!”, “Get some meat to your skin! hahaha..”, “Oh, you have gained more weight than before I guess!”, “Start hanging or jumping rope, might this will help you with your height!” even this also “No one will marry you if you don’t shed some fat, otherwise you look beautiful!”.

These are the common phrases that are hurtful said to the various body types. No human being is created the same, all these phrases are fallen to the none but the body shaming. We have all been subject to criticism or judgment now or before. Even the female athlete has faced this by calling that you look more masculine and muscular, or if a guy is short and is an athlete, then people say “you don’t look like a player when I first saw you”. These catchwords can leave an invisible impact on the suffering people’s conscious, and you just don’t know what next step does he/she take. SO, I possibly advise you to sincerely ignore or distort from all of these opinions showers on you if you’re facing the same.

All bodies are beautiful

Instead of taking all this crap, I only want to say that all bodies are beautiful in their own way. I’ve learned this from someone that if you’re comfortable with your body type, able to do everything that others can do or found no issues within yourselves, then you need to cut on all this which are affecting you physically as well as mentally. And if you still feel the same, then start working on it, if you find yourself attracting more than others than kill it, if you don’t then work on it and prove to yourself. Embrace your abilities and fallbacks, this will make you perfect, not the feeling sad about it. Work on your body to feel sexy, adorable, exuberant, cute. And If you’re good going with your body, then shoot the other’s bullshit out. This is the hardest time to change, if you’ll bring resolution to yourself, you start seeing it on others as well, because you know that changes start within you, it’s just time to implement that!

Liberated Youth Of India, Or Still A Tale?

While many of us believe that we live in a new India, where everyone is liberated to marry whom they want to, across the caste bars, post anything over the social media, liberated to everything to do over the board but is this still a truth? India is a vast country that depicts various cultures, religions, and languages, along now it’s also upgraded with new laws and communities. Instead of these upgradations, we’re still lacking in somewhere, I have uplisted the issues I found in my considerations thought to be changed, these are:

No caste bars but still having a war

While living or working across the countries or states, some people still believe in not marrying outside of their castes, then no matter how much educated are they. And by any blunder, if we overrule our mind by going to inter-caste spouse, then we still have a community or relatives who will evermore ready to brainwash our or our family’s subconscious, and even if their influence doesn’t work, they’ll start spreading out rumors. We still come to hear about the news like honor killing, this won’t end until our mind gets reset for the sake of humankind.

Digital harassment

cyber bullying concept

Whether we know this or not, but trolling or offensive actions on social media or over the internet is coming into cyberbullying. Many people enjoy peeping into the other’s accounts and making assaulting comments or trolls without knowing that this could be might hurt their sentiments and because of this, they might harm themselves also. In the era of digital India, thousands of reports every day are registered based on cyberbullying. People’s humiliating comments on public pages or celebrities post, and on asking, they depict their old school reasoning thoughts that this might affect our culture. Now, this is the great thing to ask if the people who’re getting trolled are influencing our youth or they just doing their job, Or if our youth need a mindset to accept the changes and minding their own business.

Everything is limited to social media

People sharing smart phone content over the board

Since when India came up with the title called “Digital India”, our generation performing it more than it used to be, our independent youth don’t even know what’s going by their side while they are so much up with their boxes. They know people from other states or countries without even recognizing them if they really exist and on the other side, they don’t even know people living in their surroundings. Because of this on-box gaming, children only want to stick on their devices instead of going out and playing with their friends, they are more connected to virtual people than real ones. Same as whether it comes to dating, playing, or doing other pieces of stuff while getting more considerate to the virtual world, they’ve started disengaging from the present one. Can we fix this even today?

According to the saying, excess use of anything is harmful, and this is proving even today, whether it’s any digital platform, we should always be aware of everything that’s going around our surroundings. While living in the 21st century, holding on to the old school thoughts is still harmful as getting more digitized. There’s no harm to anything if it’s used in a balance. Only being called a liberal youth is not enough, we should be enlightened from our dealings as well, we should exercise ourselves to reconstruct our thoughtful state for the betterment of humankind.

Ram Mandir Inauguration: 5th August 2020, The most awaiting moment for Indians! Will this bring a warm fellowship between the citizens?

The very owned day for Indians has arrived, Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya held on 5th August 2020 during the pandemic where everyone is scared of this Corona Virus, our respected prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi came forward and placed the foundation stone to the site followed by Indian rituals and Mantras. He lay 40kg silver brick which represented as a sacred and historic start of the temple as believed as birthplace of our Hindu god Lord Ram.
Here is the list about the preparation of bhhoomi pujan ceremony along following Covid protocols:

  • Lightening and decoration as it is a birthday of Lord Ram.
  • Sanitation and Maintaining Social distancing.
  • Foundation Brick.
  • Holistic preparation with Priests and Mantra Chanting.
  • Laddoos as Prashad.

Lightening & decoration as it is Diwali itself

The whole temple had been decorated with tons of flowers, varieties of flowers were brought from all around India as well as from Thailand to bring white orchids. The whole city was decorated and painted like a bride to be.

Sanitation and Maintaining Social distancing

All the COVID-19 protocols have been followed and the surroundings where prepared in the way like the guests that had been invited, their sittings was planned under the norms. All the temple and the surroundings were kept sanitized regularly concerning with safety purpose of the guests and the defense forces.

Foundation Brick

During the Bhoomi pujan, our honorable prime minister had laid the foundation of the temple with the 40kg silver brick which was donated by the chairman of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, Mahant Nritya Gopal Das. However, the brick was removed after the ceremony of the Ram mandir’s Bhoomi pujan. It will be encashed and money will further be used in the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Laddoos as Prashad

During the most awaited ceremony, 1.25 lakh desi ghee laddoos were prepared as Prashad, where 51000 laddoos were handed over to Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust during the occasion. The ceremony was conducted by the 11 scholars of Kashi. These Raghupati Laddoos was distributed all over the ceremony to the devotees.

The Ram Temple in Ayodhya represents the emotions of sacredness and unity as it believed as the birthplace to Lord Ram. Wait of the Centuries is finally over, hope the construction will complete soon without getting into any interruption now.