Break Up To Mend Up!!

Hello!! I’m back again, back with all the positives, yet with slight disappointment, but I’ll mend it up soon though. We all make fun of the person who’ll share their experience they’d gone after the break-up. Some of us laugh or gave their own headed suggestions to the one who’s trying to deal with this. I’d heard myself the phrases people said to me when I’d this, like:

“ Bro! There’s much more to do except rolling out your tears on that crepe.”

“You’re lucky that you’d come out of this shit soon”

“There’s more things, apart from your love life and griefs, look out your family”

“HAHAHA!! Bro, Where are you stuck at, dive-in some leisure, love is all shit”

And many more…. 

But what the truth is, we all know. If we’d dreams, emotions, and senses connected to the person,  and when this suddenly ends, It hurts, RIGHT??

Most of you would call this crap for sure, I really don’t care to be honest, but to those who can relate, will surely know what I really wanna conveys through this.

Yes, I agree career, families and friend are important because they won’t leave you by throwing on any shitty reason, but make you feel warm, warmth of love and care. For those, who is looking for an emotional support after this painful heartbreak, I would suggest you to speak your soul out to your most trusted friend or family member. The next question would be,

What if a person doesn’t have someone to talk after their breakup?

Talking to self is better than anything else, but if still you don’t have anyone to talk, take a journal, and write every bit of your heart says, trust me it won’t disappoint you, and truly what I’m performing these days. You would rather think this as non-sense, but this is not even that bad, lol! And one more thing, It is really very important to speak out everything to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, want they had done wrong, what this made you suffer through, roar out everything, this will help you to put off the baggage, halted on your shoulders for very long probably.

Talking to self is better than anything else, but if still you don’t have anyone to talk, take a journal, and write every bit of your heart says, trust me it won’t disappoint you, and truly what I’m performing these days. You would rather think this as non-sense, but this is not even that bad, lol! And one more thing, It is really very important to speak out everything to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, want they had done wrong, what this made you suffer through, roar out everything, this will help you to put off the baggage, halted on your shoulders for very long probably.

Live-in, India And Society

Coming with time, the ever thing which was consistent was the change, change in living patterns, change in understanding and mentality, and change towards independence. We’re seeing our country as Revolutionary India, a New leading country, etc. But some parts are still unavoidable of the society. Some realities are still harsh and rough to digest for our society like how they can even exist, for example, homosexual relationships, growing Transgenders, self-governing women, and the other one, “Live in Relationship” also called cohabitation.

What does a Live-in relationship mean?

A Live-in relationship is like a couple who’s living together without any legal bond between the parties, like a no-strings-attached relationship, a win-win situation for both to know each other better in person instead of spending some specific hours but sharing one’s lifestyle with one another. In simple words, it’s a walk-in or walk-out relationship, people prefer mostly before tying a knot and making it all allegedly disciplined. 

How does it look like to in a live-in relationship in India?

Moving-in together is considered as beyond pale in India. To be honest, the status of live-in India is not up to the mark, as it is still very new to our society and hence seen as a stigma.

This concept has entered India in the millennial age, so it’ll never be surprised if people of previous generations will show their back or may ask what the live-in relationship actually is?

Just forget society for some time, and just talk about our families. Do you really think our family gonna understand this if they found you want to hop into this relationship without marriage?

The answer will surely be NO, but still, the number of such relations is increasing gradually.

People are still holding on to the mentality that it harms the long-cherished values of institutions and cultures like marriage and family.  

Laws procured for Live-In relation in India

In India, the Domestic Violence Act 2005 included within its influence in live-in relationships under which a woman has with a man “a relationship in the nature of marriage” can go to court if abused. This relationship has seen none less than a marriage under the eye of the law, but without entering legally into it, and it is legal under the law but has to follow the norms.

The best part of staying in live-in is to stay honest and happy with your companion, or somehow if it’s not going well then you can end this on that point. Even though Bollywood has also portrayed this concept in their movies and showed the two different sides of societies, one where all are happily accepting the two’s relationship and encouraging them to make it permanent, and second where families of both the parties as opposing it.

We cannot say they have the narrow passage of their thinking because they had never seen such a thing previously in their times. But it differs from person to person, some are open to changes, some of them do block their head to understand or even hear the others for even once. 

The chaos has been scattered all over, but majorly into our minds, we cannot just directly put on the blame directly on society for being a non-understandable community, they will deffinetly show their opposite side to this changes and enhancement, But eventually things are still running on. According to their beliefs as marriage is the foundation of a family, if their beliefs get hurt in any manner, they’ll surely react to this. Though cohabitation is made legal in India, it is still a matter of taboo in many parts. Such couples have sometimes faced threats from the outward loop. Yet, thing demands the change in accordance with the time and hoping this might get better with time as well.

Young Adults, How they’re more entertaining with living alone?

More we’re becoming self-dependent, more we’re opting for modern life, and more we’re preferring living alone today, especially by young adults. According to statistics gathered by several research centers, young adults from around the world are focusing more on their careers and businesses, spend more time flirting on dating apps and prefer living solo instead of getting married, having children and forming a settled family.

Rather than compensating their preferences by tying the knot, they want to become financially strong and independent, young people want to secure their future and complete their academics which are taking more than usual time and delaying the time more and more. Young people especially in the age of 24+ to their last 40’s, preferring living solo and do not want to get bothered with other’s hindrances.

Entertaining solitude

LIving in solo doesn’t define one is not liking to be in social gatherings, but they enjoy their own space and time, they connect to people, party, or hang out with them and come to their nest another day. 

Not everyone chooses their Solo life

Everyone is just different from one another, so do as their preferences. Not everyone wishes to spend their life without having a partner. Choosing a single life could depend on one’s life situation what they’ve faced or what they think about others, but there are people too who come into the relationship, left their solo life because they think that life can be shared with them peacefully and beautifully.

Solo life is a definition of freedom

Living alone is another name of freedom in its own, young people choose to remain solo or if marry, then without any restriction or judgment. Living a solo life is simply becoming a preference for a growing soul and this should be celebrated rather than criticizing, as it really could give people more options like how they want to lead in life. In a future where neither being married or single is not regarded as negative.

We should learn to live on our own for sure because we know we have to leave alone if we’d have come alone. I also myself prefer a single solo life, having no stress, we need not impress anyone, we need not entertain an other’s opinion or have to take anyone’s shit, but at the having your partner by your side is not a that bad idea, but not now for sure, Maybe in my 30’s or later. Yes, this Idea of living alone is totally worthless according to our elders, and they’re right to somewhere, but living alone is a peaceful definition on its own.

What’s running inside…..

Did you ever feel any attraction towards your relative who’s not actually your relative, but your parent made them to you? Funny right? I believe wherever we travel, whomever we meet could be a reason behind it, or a story it’s going to be starting with them. No matter what the current status of the relative then, if that person is married, engaged, single, rich, poor, etc. Not only the relative, but could be another one too. You guys might judge me on my first sentence, but the truth is you can’t resist our attraction towards the person who seems nice to you. And then that attraction could be of different types, totally depends on you like how you want it to proceed with. Some take limitations, same goes with a close both, the attraction could be of type like good friends after, could be a close bond between you two, or just a casual attraction like eye-warmer, LOL!!

Being single and young, our types of interest are kept on changing, like mood swings. We aren’t capable of figuring out this mixed feeling, and simply one started talking to us, we gave it a name of love to this attraction phase, might result in hurting others later.

I’ll suggest you test your bond or piece of bond you are sharing if you’re in a relationship or about to be in a relationship before making it a commitment. Oh… I was talking about attraction towards your relative, who seems actually not your relative but your parent made them to you, right? In that case, I prefer you to leave the thought if you’re planning something and to are from the Hindu community. If you don’t want to get indulge in “ Log kya kahenge”, just simply leave it. 

There are billions of thoughts running in my head right now, like why don’t we’re able to choose our partner besides all the bars, Bars?? Like caste, religion, color, age, financial status, body type, etc. in Hindu society, why we always have to satisfy our elder’s ego and expectation before taking any step in choosing our partner? Why don’t we’re permitted to choose the life of how we want to spend, especially the girls?  Why boys are always advised to choose a secure and handsome packaged job or business as they have to support their family in the future? Why women are still thought of as non-living decoration material, they’re not allowed to express what they don’t like and keep on treated as a toy? ( these are still the thinking of some communities in India). Why men are stuffed with the burden of thoughts they’re going to take further in the future since childhood that they had to leave their dream of what they want to be. Why men have to be more financially strong than his wife or girlfriend if they’re looking for their future together, why can’t they grow together?

You all me in the comments please, what you all think? Towards anything, whether it’s love, attraction, caste, religion, our own decisions….

Another act of Inhumanity: How a woman was kept captive by his husband in Haryana?

The relation between husband and wife has always been considered pure and divine. But coming along with so much of revolution, the cruelty of people’s minds is also coming into the frame, the case where the man kept his wife captive for straight 1.5 years in Haryana, Rishpur village of Panipat district as confirmed by the police officials.

A 35-year-old woman was allegedly kept captive in the small and stinky toilet by her husband for about one and a half years within their home. It all started when a woman officer received the tip from her locality that a woman is kept captive by his husband and other family members for several days. The victim is a mother of three children, when rescued, first taken to the civil hospital, and then she was handed over to her cousin. When the police officials reached her house, she found brutally locked in the toilet where she was lying in a wretched state. 

She was severely malnourished and weak that she couldn’t even walk, reason was she was not given proper food and drinking water, the amount of the food was given that she’ll only be able to survive.

When the husband was being questioned about the condition of the woman, he denied the accusations and said that his wife is mentally unstable, though he was unable to prove his statement because of a lack of medical documents as pieces of evidence. The accused has been arrested and interrogated, but now released on bail because of a lack of pieces evidence. 

This is not any new case that brings the frame of brutality and wicked mentality of society and depicts how far it can go further, but the act of violence against women just proving within themselves that men are still dominating women and society by their decisions and ruling power, then no matter whether it’s  affecting women mentally as well as physically. Like the small tip of information releases the woman from more further torture, we can too do the same by being attentive towards society with open-eyes.