Body belts and harnesses: 3 things to know before buying them

Belts are the most important, trendy, and fashionable accessories of today’s fashion trends. But the body belts are taking it to another level, they can make any attire the most sensual and trendy that one could ever get. Fashion can never get outdated when it comes to trying new things, so adding a body belt to the collection can be proven a great investment.

Adding the body belts, also called body harness to your closet can not only shift it into another level but can also make you confident about yourself because confidence comes within ourselves, the more you’ll look best, the best will your confidence. 

Body belts and harnesses are not only for women, clothes should always be away from any discrimination. This is the best part about the body belts, anyone can wear them and see the magic within themselves. 

Waist Belts

Waist belts are common nowadays, but ways are getting trendier with different styles of wearing them and designs of them. Waist belts are now not just to tuck your trousers up but now also using with others set to other dimensions.

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Coresets are the form of belts used in the early ’80s & ’90s by French & British women. And now again they have come up into the trend, believing they maintain the waist into the shape and helps in making it thinner. 

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Body Belts & Body Harnesses

Body belts and harnesses are new to the trend, believing them sensual or sexy, wearing them naked or with clothes. Sexy things ever made by a human, away from any discrimination, body harness can be wearable by all womenmen or anyone wishes to wear them. Many styles and various designs are available, one can wear them depends on their attire or mood, or occasion. Buying or adding a body belt or harness to your closet will be a great decision whenever comes it to fashion.

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Falling for someone else right after the breakup? Is it called cheating?

Is it fine to fall in love when you have taken a break in between your relationship, you guys are not talking to each other, and then suddenly another person digs in. Does it like cheating on your partner?
What are the cause that we allow that other person to enter, whether you guys have taken breaks in the relationship.

The cause of the break?

There might be the various causes that caught your good going relationship into the break-mode zone. The reasons might be:

  • If you guys are facing difficulty in understanding each other.
  • If you guys are loyal still one of you is feeling detached feeling.
  • If one of you having a trust issue, and isn’t resolved even if discussed.
  • When one of you is feeling lacking in attention from other the side even if asked.

And what if you admit the cheat?

Besides emphasizing on knowing the reason, one might focus more blame game. One who have cheated whether he/she not actually cheated because both were separated when the third person came in, but somewhere in his/her subconscious mind, cheating took place. Cheat in feeling for someone else, which was supposed to come from the one we’re in love, but instead one is feeling for someone else.

More than 5% of the people act maturely on the scenario and work together on the relationship or situation, and the rest entertains the blame game than resolving the issue.
And this is how life happens to us, and we fail mostly!

My Eyes Are Tired Now….

My eyes are tired now,
Tired of searching,
Searching the love, I heard God made one for me,
Me? Oh was an illusion darling, I hold on it this far,
We have grown up hearing that God has made love for everyone in the world for the one he made,
But now I think, he forgot to make one for me,

My eyes are tired now,
Tired of seeking happiness,
Happiness is one we create for others,
I heard and thought, but this tilted stage gave me nothing but parents, now I only believe and see…

My eyes are tired now,
Tired of my tears,
Tears? Whether its pleasure or sorrow, bliss or hollow, bloom blossom or temper,
They didn’t shy before to fall out, fell out so often,
That my eyes are not allowing them to come out now,
Even if something breaking inside.
My eyes are tired now!!
My eyes are tired now!!

5 best beauty products, which are actually in the budget under 200rs.

During the summer, Ladies and even now men are getting conscious too about their skin and face care. Youth nowadays seeks for a skin care product for mature skin or pigmentations which has to be in their budget as they have to deal with daily stressful work.

  • Sunscreen:

Summers are already on the head now, and the most prominent thing that comes under the skincare is moisturizer and sunscreen, for those who are looking for the most suitable sunscreen that comes under 200 rs is from Biotique, this gives you full protection with the additional moisturizing benefits.

Avg Price: 170 INR


 Similar to face wash, Also face cream from LO’real Paris 20+ gives you natural shine and softness, also comes under the budget mentioned. Olay natural glow is also can be called cherry on the product.

Avg Price: 135 INR


  • Deodorant:

I’ve been trying roll-on from Nivea and gives at least 8 hours of protection from the unwanted odor along with the pleasant fragrance. Deo from Yardley is also under the consideration, it can also be stated as a great option.

Avg Price:  173 INR


Top 5 movies based on how prostitution and human trafficking is leading India.

Along with other issues, prostitution and human trafficking have also now become an issue of alarm and fear around the state, you don’t know if the next person travelling following you can be a trafficker or a pimp parceling one of his parcels. According to the National Crime and Records Bureau (NCRB) issued its 2017 and 2018 Crime in India Reports, which used a different modus operandi than previous years. In 2018, the government reported 1,830 trafficking cases under the IPC, a continued decrease of 2,854 cases, trafficking cases reported in 2017 and 5,217 cases in 2016. It was unclear which sections of the IPC this data included. In 2018, the government completed court proceedings in 545 trafficking cases, prosecuted 322 traffickers in 95 cases, and acquitted 1,124 suspects in 450 cases. The acquittal rate for trafficking cases increased to 83% in 2018. These statistics were compared to the government completing the proceeding in 670 cases, convicting 249 traffickers in 165 cases, and acquitting 1,155 suspects in 505 cases in 2017, with 76% of cases resulting in acquittal.

How Bollywood has predicted the brothels conditions so far?

Though, I’ve collected some data from all over the net, reviewed by me personally which will show everything guys you want to know, sharing with you over:

5 most relatable movies based on prostitution in India:

  1. Sold
  2. Lakshmi
  3. Tikli and Laxmi Bomb
  4. Flesh
  5. Aashram

1. Sold (2014)

This movie shows the journey of a Nepali girl named Lakshmi being trafficked from her mountain village in Nepal to a brothel in India and how she has been rescued by Sophia, an American photographer who has arrived in India to work with an anti-trafficking organization, Hope House.

Movie Link: SOLD

2. Lakshmi (2014)

This movie shows the harsh realities of the human trafficking and child prostitution, which continues behind closed curtains in rural and urban areas simultaneously under the nose of the big names of politics and others industries, where supplies has been sent accordingly. 

Movie Link: LAKSHMI

3. Tikli and Laxmi Bomb (2017)

Brothels and their conditions are not hidden from us today, still India is leading rapidly in this human trading business. This movie depicts the overview of it so that you’ll get an idea of it.

Movie Link: Tikli and Laxmi Bomb

4. Flesh (2020)

Flesh web series on ErosNow solely based on human trafficking, depicts the story of two completely different girls who survive the ordeal of being victims of the sex and human trafficking industry of India.

Movie Link: FLESH

5. Aashram(2020)

Its a cult based drama, where, how an ashram guru spreads fallacy delusion between his devotees and controls the politics, underneath, also exploits his devotees by various ways, like drugs, trafficking etc.

Movie Link: AASHRAM