Welcome to my own E-world The ChipChop Blog!

I believe in sharing my opinions via my blogs to take humanity on a more prior stage than we’ve taken it nowadays!

I’m in my mid 20’s and also a passionate but not professional writer or blogger, whatever it is, just a word to call right 😉 ? Well, I like writing down things along with my feelings and thoughts, sometimes I do write on social problems we’re or our community facing these days like our LGBT community, women empowerment, things our soldiers feel, etc.

Please if you find anything which is wrong according to you then do let me know, please! It’s just I’m not here for hurting anyone’s sentiments, It will only be my thoughts to the things!

Being Indian, yes I’m fond of food, movies, and many more! If you want to collaborate with me on my blog, you can contact me using this contact form!

Medium link: https://medium.com/@thechipchop