5 best beauty products, which are actually in the budget under 200rs.

During the summer, Ladies and even now men are getting conscious too about their skin and face care. Youth nowadays seeks for a skin care product for mature skin or pigmentations which has to be in their budget as they have to deal with daily stressful work.

  • Sunscreen:

Summers are already on the head now, and the most prominent thing that comes under the skincare is moisturizer and sunscreen, for those who are looking for the most suitable sunscreen that comes under 200 rs is from Biotique, this gives you full protection with the additional moisturizing benefits.

Avg Price: 170 INR

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Biotique-Sandalwood-Sunscreen-Soothing-Lotion/dp/B013UWBJUE

 Similar to face wash, Also face cream from LO’real Paris 20+ gives you natural shine and softness, also comes under the budget mentioned. Olay natural glow is also can be called cherry on the product.

Avg Price: 135 INR

Link: https://www.nykaa.com/l-oreal-paris-age-20-skin-perfect-cream-uv-filters-50gm/p/18746

  • Deodorant:

I’ve been trying roll-on from Nivea and gives at least 8 hours of protection from the unwanted odor along with the pleasant fragrance. Deo from Yardley is also under the consideration, it can also be stated as a great option.

Avg Price:  173 INR

Link: https://www.flipkart.com/nivea-anti-perspirant-pearl-beauty-extract-50ml-deodorant-roll-on-men-women/

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