Another act of Inhumanity: How a woman was kept captive by his husband in Haryana?

The relation between husband and wife has always been considered pure and divine. But coming along with so much of revolution, the cruelty of people’s minds is also coming into the frame, the case where the man kept his wife captive for straight 1.5 years in Haryana, Rishpur village of Panipat district as confirmed by the police officials.

A 35-year-old woman was allegedly kept captive in the small and stinky toilet by her husband for about one and a half years within their home. It all started when a woman officer received the tip from her locality that a woman is kept captive by his husband and other family members for several days. The victim is a mother of three children, when rescued, first taken to the civil hospital, and then she was handed over to her cousin. When the police officials reached her house, she found brutally locked in the toilet where she was lying in a wretched state. 

She was severely malnourished and weak that she couldn’t even walk, reason was she was not given proper food and drinking water, the amount of the food was given that she’ll only be able to survive.

When the husband was being questioned about the condition of the woman, he denied the accusations and said that his wife is mentally unstable, though he was unable to prove his statement because of a lack of medical documents as pieces of evidence. The accused has been arrested and interrogated, but now released on bail because of a lack of pieces evidence. 

This is not any new case that brings the frame of brutality and wicked mentality of society and depicts how far it can go further, but the act of violence against women just proving within themselves that men are still dominating women and society by their decisions and ruling power, then no matter whether it’s  affecting women mentally as well as physically. Like the small tip of information releases the woman from more further torture, we can too do the same by being attentive towards society with open-eyes.

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