It’s okay to be you sometimes….

In this crowd, everyone is in the queue to prove themselves, everyone is so eager to get fame, becoming rich, and proving them more prominent, by running in this race you forget to spend time with yourself rather than standing upon the expectations. You should give yourself the treat with doing nothing sometimes, to be let yourself who you are, eliminate all the clutter because if you’re in this world then they do have a mouth. You should know that it’s okay to be:

It is okay to be doing nothing.

It is okay to be doing nothing sometimes and spending time with yourself only. If you find time for yourself, then you might hear the voices of  complaints from others about what you’re doing, but then you have to know how to get yourself out from this.

It is okay to not to be okay.

It is okay to not to be okay sometimes, if you’d a recent breakup or felt hurt from something or feeling too low to do anything, that’s perfectly okay to stay sad for a while to drain out all the negativities and miseries stored on the moment, but living always with this is something not on the word. Take a restart from the break and conquer the world.

It is okay to be an average.

If you feel you’re so commoner and average to be an influencer or to think so much to do things or speak in front of others because you’re scared to be judged and worried about your impression, then relax, Its only you who can influence yourself or make your unique identity also being an average. If you’re an average and have confidence within you, then cheers, you’re all set to bring change.

It is okay if you don’t look good.

It is okay if you think that you don’t look good. It’s not you who think this, but the people who said those words or reacted weirdly towards you. No one can restrict you to reach your goals, no matter if you’re fat, dark, too tall, too short, thin, disable, or anything, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you’re determined, but the thing which can stop is listening to others who say bad for you and not yourself you’ll motivate you more.

It is okay if you fail.

Always remember, failure brings the experience, the experience of not repeating the mistakes, and learning something new. You might have planned further if you succeed, but many lost their hope if they fail and were scared to practice that again. The practice is only the key to perfection. We should always learn to set straight to our mind not to fear of failure anymore, but to practice and work smart and hard even if you succeed.

It is okay to be a mediocre.

It is okay to be a commoner if it soothes you and brings you happiness. Not every person wants to collect fame or to be rich, some also want to spend a stable and happy life with their family and their loved ones. Everyone has their unique way to cherish their lives and spend moments, Some like to collect them on their phones, some like to live every second of that.

It is okay to be you. If you love yourself the way you are then the best way is not to bother with clutter. Do every inch you which want to do, explore more, sleep all day, eat the fuck you want, sing along the shower, because life is one so as you, don’t be a robot or an always agreed child, but be you!

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